Lululemon City Sweat Hoodie Review

Lululemon is one of the leading clothing brands in the athleisure category. They are known for making some of the most comfortable clothing that also looks nice.

Most of their items feel like loungewear or workout clothes, but the high-quality material and stylish design make them look presentable enough to wear at work. Unlike other workout clothes, it won’t look like you came directly from the gym.

Lululemon’s most popular products are their women’s yoga pants and men’s pants, but are their hoodies good?

I did a lot of research online to see if they are worth the price and I could not find any honest, in-depth reviews.

The top-rated Lululemon City Sweat hoodie seemed like the best option, so I decided to buy it and review it myself.

I also bought 37 of the top-rated hoodies from other brands and compared them side-by-side to figure out what hoodie is the best.

Here is my honest review of the Lululemon hoodie.

Lululemon City Sweat Hoodie Review

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The City Sweat hoodie is the staple hoodie in their men’s collection. It is a basic hoodie style, but with some fabric enhancements that improve breathability and comfort. 

The sweatshirt also comes in three styles: pullover, zip-up, and crewneck.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s answer the most important question.

Are Lululemon hoodies good?

Yes, Lululemon hoodies are some of the best athletic hoodies available, providing unmatched comfort, breathability, and a sleek look while working out. They are the perfect hoodies if you want a versatile sweatshirt that will accommodate your needs for running, working out, or lounging at home.

The City Sweat hoodie was named the best athletic hoodie in our top hoodie list after being tested alongside the top 37 hoodie brands.

Is it good quality?

The hoodie is very well-made with high-quality stitching. The fabric is a synthetic blend of cotton and polyester that feels very luxurious.

This is a high-end hoodie that will last a very long time.

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is the most important consideration when choosing a hoodie. Thankfully, the City Sweat hoodie is very comfortable when lounging at home or doing an intense workout.

The soft and stretchy fabric feels great on your skin and the 4-way stretch gives you complete mobility with your natural movements.

The breathability of the fabric is what really sets this hoodie apart from other brands. You can go for a run and stay warm without overheating. It doesn’t trap in heat like a cotton fleece hoodie. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep you dry and comfortable during a sweaty workout.

What materials are in the fabric?

52% Polyester, 42% Cotton, 6% Lycra® elastane

The Lululemon engineers perfected their fabric blends to create a high-performance material that also feels luxurious. 

Combining this fabric blend with a french terry weave on the inside creates the ideal balance of softness and breathability. 

Outside Fabric

The outside fabric is luxurious and smooth to the touch but it is a very different material from what I’m used to with traditional cotton and cotton-blend hoodies.

It has a subtle swishy feeling when you move around. The feeling is similar to a windbreaker but not as intense.

This is not really a downside, but it was something that I was not expecting when a bought a french terry hoodie.

lulu lemon hoodie outside fabric texture

Inside Fabric

The inside fabric is what Lululemon calls “stretch french terry”.

When I bought this hoodie it was labeled as a french terry hoodie, but this felt nothing like a traditional french terry hoodie.

I really like french terry hoodies because of their breathability, but many people do not like them because the inside has kind of a rough feeling to it. It is a very different feeling if you are used to wearing soft fleece hoodies.

Lululemon’s stretch french terry is the best of both worlds because it is breathable and very soft. It is not fuzzy like fleece, but it is soft in the way that it is smooth and glides over your skin.

lulu lemon hoodie inside fabric texture

How warm is it?

The warmth is between a lightweight hoodie and a mid-weight hoodie.

I would give it a warmth rating of 4 out of 10, which is perfect for exercising.

The hoodie will keep you warm while you are at home or working out, but it is temperature-regulating and won’t cause you to overheat.

Are Lululemon hoodies true to size?

The hoodie fits slightly larger than its true size.

I am 5’10” at 165 pounds and the photo below shows me wearing a large.

My true size is medium, but I like to size up when I order hoodies because I like the oversized fit and style.

In this case, I probably could have ordered a medium but I am perfectly happy with the way my large hoodie fits.

Lululemon City Sweat Hoodie Size and Fit photo

How does it fit?

The City Sweat Hoodie fits perfectly and gives you room in all the right places to increase your mobility. This sweatshirt looks great and feels great. The stretchy fabric gives you that comfortable and loose feel without looking baggy.

Lululemon hoodie side view photo
Lululemon hoodie back view photo

Color Options

It is available in 9 different colors.

Lululemon hoodie color options


The City Sweat Hoodie is available on the Lululemon website for $128.00. Check the price here.

Are Lululemon hoodies worth the money?

Yes, a Lululemon hoodie is worth the expensive price tag if you have the money and plan on wearing it a lot. It is a versatile hoodie that will keep you comfortable and looking good while working out, going out, running errands, or watching tv at home.

Lululemon makes high-quality products that last a long time, so buying one nice hoodie that you really appreciate is usually worth the expensive cost.

Buying a premium hoodie that lasts over five years is a better purchase than buying multiple cheap hoodies that you do not like. The total price might end up being relatively close.

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