5 Best Ambience & ASMR Videos for Relaxing, Studying & Reading

I’m sure everyone is discovering new ways to stay relaxed and adapt to the stay-at-home life that began in 2020. Listening to music has always been the best way to ease my mind, but I recently discovered ambience videos on Youtube and I am hooked.

The videos provide soothing background noises that immediately pull you into a relaxed state of mind. It’s almost like a composition of relaxing ASMR sounds. The noises are usually very subtle and consistent making them the perfect background noise for working, reading, sleeping, or studying. There aren’t any lyrics or startling sounds that could break your focus.

In addition to the calming audio, the ambience videos visually pull you into cozy experiences and put you in a good mood. 3D artists on Youtube create these incredible, real-life environments that make you feel like you are actually there. Just by watching the videos, you can jump from watching the sunrise over the ocean to enjoying smooth jazz in an elegant restaurant. 

If you are looking for a particular vibe, there is something for everyone.

Relaxing Summer Morning Ambience

Best ASMR Room for a cozy morning or evening during the summer.

  • Crackling Fireplace
  • Calm movement of lake water splashing against a dock
Room Visuals:
  • Inside a cozy floating houseboat on a lake with large glass windows and an outdoor seating area
  • Fire in the fireplace
  • Calm lake water movement
  • Mountains in the distance
  • Nearby sailboat
  • Sunrise/sunset gives you the golden hour feeling
The sounds in this video are very gentle and soothing.

Fancy Restaurant Ambience With Romantic Vibe

Romantic evening at fancy restaurant in the City with soothing jazz music.


  • Soothing Jazz Music
  • Crackling fire sounds
  • Very faint restaurant chatter  and noises in the background
Room Visuals:
  • High-end restaurant with dim lighting
  • Table for two with candles and wine
  • Large window with a view of the city
  • Occasional fireworks over the city
  • Fireplace with a crackling fire
Instantly set a romantic mood with this Valentine’s Day ambience video from Cozy Corner.

Cozy night in the study

Relaxing and productive night by the fireplace for reading and studying

  • Fireplace sounds
  • Quill pen writing
  • Newspaper flipping
  • Creaking sounds (someone walking around upstairs)
Room Visuals:
  • Cozy, elegant, and regal reading room or office.
  • Fireplace
  • Dim lighting with an amber glow
  • Cozy armchairs
  • Beautiful rug
This video sets a wonderful ambience for studying, reading, or working. It is truly a visually calming experience.

Rainy Day at a Coffee Shop

Peaceful day at a coffee shop with piano and rain sounds.

  • Soft piano music
  • Rain tapping against the window
  • Distant rolling thunder
Room Visuals:
  • Coffee shop with a large glass window
  • Autumn tree turning colors
  • Rain droplets on the window
  • Steaming cup of tea
  • Handing light fixtures swaying

Balcony in the quiet winter mountains

Experience a snowy day by a fire on a porch.

  • Birds singing
  • Fire logs burning
Room Visuals:
  • A covered balcony in the woodsy mountains
  • Snow flurries falling
  • Wood logs burning
  • Coffee or hot chocolate steaming
  • Candles flickering

These incredible ambience videos are visually and acoustically calming. The artists did an amazing job creating these masterpieces. You can learn more about how these videos are made here.  

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