What are the Amazon leggings on TikTok called?

If you don’t use TikTok or Instagram, you may not have noticed the booty-lifting leggings that are gripping everyone’s attention.

Lifting their way into the videos of influencers and celebrities on TikTok, the leggings have been glorified as a simple way to make your booty look amazing. The videos tend to be before/after videos showing the the shocking results or reaction videos between couples.

So just how popular are these leggings? After countless videos of the leggings going viral, the #tiktokleggings hashtag has racked up over 212 million views and #amazonleggings has over 150 million views. If the “leggings challenge” continues on social media platforms, we will likely see the popularity of the product increase even more.

Leggings hashtag statistics on TikTok


What are the famous TikTok leggings called?

The “Amazon Leggings” that went viral on TikTok are actually called SEASUM Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants. They are now the top-selling leggings on Amazon with over 26,000 five-star reviews.

SEASUM women's butt lift leggings seen on TikTok

What are TikTok leggings?

The high-waisted leggings are built with a honeycomb-textured compression material and a scrunched seam running between the cheeks. This design helps lift and shape your bum into a perfectly sculpted look.

In addition to their booty-enhancing features, the leggings have a high waist for tummy control to help provide a slimming look.

Where to buy TikTok leggings

The “Amazon Leggings” that are trending on social media platforms got that name for a reason. You can buy them on Amazon. Due to the increase in demand for the product, there are a lot of different brands selling almost identical products. Use the link below to find the real Amazon leggings or look for the leggings with over 39,000 reviews.

How much do TikTok leggings cost?

The leggings are very affordable at $16.00-$30.66 depending on the size and color.

There are 37 color options in sizes ranging from XS-4XL

Do the scrunch bum leggings actually work?

Yes, these leggings absolutely work. There are thousands of videos on TikTok to prove it. Even celebrities like Lizzo are giving them a try.


Are they worth the purchase?

They are quality leggings for only $16, so you most likely won’t experience any buyer’s remorse after purchasing. Even if they aren’t your preferred style, it’s still worth the novelty to watch your booty transform when you put them on.

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