White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Review

Whether you are a novice camper or a hardcore camping enthusiast, there is one thing you both need: a tent. Canvas tents are the crème de la crème of tents, as they provide a strong, durable, and long-lasting abode for anyone who prefers to go camping regularly.

They are also the most comfortable tents as they can be fully equipped with many different features including windows, doors, vents, stoves, air conditioners, and outlets. In this way, they can elevate your camping experience and encourage you to stay in the wilderness for longer and more enjoyable periods of time.

The White Duck Regatta tent is a premium bell-style canvas tent that is sufficient for camping in any season. Since it is constructed from high-quality materials and significant treatments to ensure a waterproof, windproof, and UV resistant surface, you can use it in any kind of weather and conditions.

It comes in four different sizes: Regatta Mini (8’), Regatta 10’, 13’ or 16,5’, and three different colors: beige, brown, and olive. The Regatta Mini does not have all the features of the others which include a stove jack, electrical cable outlet, and organizer. That said, all four do have 3 mesh windows, 4 roof vents, and a mesh door for superior ventilation. All in all, this sounds like an amazing tent; however, it is always wise to make sure that it’s a perfect match for you personally.

Let us take a look at the specs, special features if you would love or dislike this tent, and determine if this bell tent is worth purchasing. 

White Duck Regatta tent Review

whiteduck bell tents 


  • Design: Bell Tent 
  • Colors: Beige, Brown, Olive
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, Mesh
  • Treatments: Windproof, Waterproof, UV protection
  • Optional Treatments: Water Repellant or Fire Resistant 
  • Seasons: All-Season
  • Price: $299.00-$869.99

Check prices at Whiteduckoutdoors.com

Size Options


Regatta Mini

Regatta 10’

Regatta 13’

Regatta 16.5’


Max 2

Max 4

Max 6

Max 8

Wall Height





Center Height





Door Height





Spacious Design

inside whiteduck tent

In general, the White Duck Regatta is constructed in the shape of a bell. Bell tents have a center vertical pole with a canvas material that extends outwards and down; the higher the center pole, the larger and more spacious the interior will be.

Most bell-shaped tents, including this one, feature a sidewall that extends upwards from the base floor to meet the cascading roof a few inches to a few feet off the ground. 

Specifically, the Regatta comes in four different sizes which results in different space accommodations.

The Regatta Mini has a 5’2” center height and an 8-foot diameter which means it can sleep up to two people. However, if you like your space or plan to add a few things to your tent, it would be better suited for one.

The Regatta 10’ has a 7’5” center height and a 10-foot diameter, with a maximum capacity of four people but better suited for 2.

The Regatta 13’ has an 8’2” center height and a 13-foot diameter making it ideal for six sleepers but typically three would be comfortable here.

Finally, the Regatta 16.5” has a tall 9’8” center poll and 16.5-foot diameter, sleeping up to eight people and best for four

Apart from the Regatta Mini, these tents accommodate the best capacity with added furnishings such as a bed, rug, and item trunks. 

Excellent Ventilation and Temperature Control

The Regatta is one of the most exceptional tents we have seen for ventilation. First and foremost, utilizing canvas material is excellent for breathability. It also features three mesh windows, one mesh door, and four air vents. 

In the summer, the canvas material and the added ventilation features will allow for maximum airflow. On the other hand, in the winter, the windows and doors can be snuggly closed and you will benefit greatly from their double-layer panels.

There is also an integrated pipe jack where you can attach a stove, this will add additional warmth to your tent while the canvas retains the temperature well. 

Quality Materials and Durability

The tent shell is composed of high-quality, strong army duck cotton canvas. One of the stand-out features of its construction is that White Duck used double-stitching for their seams and edges; they don’t mess around when it comes to durable products. 

This canvas is waterproof, windproof, and UV protectant on its own, but they have gone ahead and treated it with water and mildew treatment to enforce those qualities.

If you plan to attach a stove to the integrated heat-resistant stove jack, you should also invest in the fire-retardant-treated canvas. Furthermore, the No-See-Um Mesh on the windows, doors, and vents are fine enough to protect you from insects and strong enough to resist wild critters. 

The floor is constructed from PE groundsheet and is sewn into the tent sides. This will not only keep insects and small animals from crawling into your tent, but it will also keep water and mud from seeping in if there were to be heavy rainfall. 

Hardware-wise, White Duck wisely chose to utilize heavy and durable metal. The poles, both the center pole and the door poles, are built from galvanized steel. The J-pegs, pins, and runners are solid steel while the zippers are the well-known YKK. 

Additionally, there are thick polyester Dura ropes and a shock-absorbing grounding system which will allow the tent to move properly, but stay secure, during heavy winds, rainstorms, and snowstorms. 

Heavy Weight

It is important to keep in mind that canvas is a heavy material, which is excellent for all its amazing qualities: UV resistance, waterproof, snowproof, and windproof. Its heavy nature is also what helps it hold up to regular use over decades. That said, coupled with the heavy hardware, this is not a tent you would take far into the wilderness.

It definitely needs to be transported by car, and possibly carried by more than one person. At its largest size, Regatta 16.5’, it weighs 83-90lbs depending on whether you choose a water repellant or fire-resistant treatment. 

Additional Features

The Regatta 10’, 13’, and 16.5’ all come with extras special features: a silicone tested stove jack, an electrical cable outlet, and a pocket organizer.

The stove jack is ideal if you plan to use your canvas tent in the winter, facing cold temperatures, heavy winds, and an abundance of snow. It is 5 inches in diameter which is the standard size for a stove jack, and it is treated in order to resist the hot temperatures of the pipe.

However, if you want to use the stove jack as a hole for an air conditioner pipe instead, this is also a great option. 

The electrical cable outlet and the pocket organizer are great practical options; although you may be dismissive of their benefits now, once you’re out in the wilderness, you may realize just how beneficial they actually are. It is a convenient way to charge your devices and remember where you put them. 

You will love the White Duck Regatta if:

  • You enjoy camping or glamping for long periods of time, on a regular basis 
  • You value premium grade products
  • You prioritize durable and long-lasting materials 
  • You need a tent that can hold up against rain, snow, sun, and wind
  • You would like a tent with enough space to add items or furniture
  • You wish to add a stove or an air conditioner 

You will not like the White Duck Regatta if:

  • You do not go camping or glamping often or for long periods of time 
  • You go camping solo or travel by foot into the wilderness (this is a very heavy tent)
  • You do not wish to spend a lot of money 

Is the White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent worth it?

Ultimately, if you purchase the White Duck Regatta, you will certainly be buying into a premium-grade, high-quality canvas tent that will last you an exceptionally long time (perhaps even generations).

It includes all the necessary features to keep you dry and safe during changing weather conditions and it provides temperature regulation for hot summer days and cold winter nights alike.

Furthermore, it comes with excellent additional features that are just the cherry on top of an already exceptionally designed and constructed tent. 

Of course, if you do not plan on using your tent that often or for long periods of time, the Regatta may not be a good investment for you, simply due to the price. Additionally, if you camp solo out in the deep wilderness, this tent is too heavy to carry out. 


Are White Duck tents good?

White Duck tents are top-quality tents made with strong and durable materials, constructed to last against tough conditions and regular use. Although the price points can be higher than average, White Duck canvas tents will hold up for decades. 

Are white duck tents waterproof?

Most White Duck canvas tents are waterproof and snowproof, although a further waterproof treatment will enforce water resistance and prevent mold and mildew. You can also opt for a fire-retardant treatment.

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