5 Best Men’s Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers add an element of luxury and a touch of class to any man’s wardrobe. The different styles of leather sneakers offer versatile looks, complementing both casual wear or business casual style. If you are looking to add this essential piece to your shoe collection, you may be searching for a pair that looks good, feels comfortable, and performs well. To help you choose the best pair, we compiled a list of the five best leather sneakers on the market.

We have highlighted the considerations for each shoe such as price, design, comfort, support, and durability. So, we know whichever of these leather sneakers you choose, you will improve your outfits, comfort, and your confidence.

Here are the best leather sneakers to buy in 2022

Overall Best Men’s Leather Sneakers

greats royale mens white sneakers

Greats Royale


  • Price: $179
  • Sizes: 7-15
  • Colors: Classic Colors and Limited Edited Colors

You simply cannot find a better leather sneaker than the Greats Royale leather shoe. If you love that classic, sleek leather look that can complement any style and any color in your wardrobe, this is the shoe for you. You can choose from a wide array of classic and limited edition colors, but no matter which color you choose, the timeless colors are sure to compliment the current fashion trends. This leather shoe both looks and feels like an expensive shoe but comes in at a fraction of a cost. 

Furthermore, these shoes do not only look like high-quality leather sneaker, they are high-quality. If you ever desired to brag to your friends or colleagues about handmade Italian wear, this is your chance. They are hand-sewn in Italian factories that adhere to high labour and environmental standards. You can feel good about supporting a company that cares about the world.

These shoes are made with a full grain leather upper portion and a cushioned soft leather insole. Ultimately, this is a soft, comfortable all-purpose walking shoe. The Greats company also included a natural rubber outsole, complete with treads, so that you can feel supported throughout the day. In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of shoe production, they also made these sneakers with 100% wax-coated cotton shoelaces to increase the lifespan and durability. As the main materials of this shoe are considered durable materials, this shoe can also last a lot longer than typical sneakers.

Read our full review of the Greats Royale sneakers here.

Best Budget-Friendly Leather Sneakers

new republic kurt leather sneakers photo

New Republic Kurt

New Republic

  • Price: $98
  • Sizes: 4-15
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Sandstone, White 

New Republic is a small-batch manufacturer, so if you receive the chance to purchase a pair of these classic-style sneakers, you need to seize it! These leather sneakers exude an everyday, effortless vibe while maintaining a sleek Italian look. Essentially, this is a modern, street-wise take on a classy, dress shoe. They feature low lace-up tops, with a leather upper, sleek stitching, and a thick, chunky outsole. 

In terms of comfort, these shoes feature a soft microsuede lining with split leather; to your feet, this is a dream come true. They also included a tencel mesh footbed which allows for exceptional airflow and maximum comfort even on hot days. They also have a molded rubber outsole that can handle the wear and tear of everyday walking. The water and wrinkle resistant leather further add to the durability of this sneaker.

The real selling point is that these sneakers, despite their high-quality and limited stock, sell at an extremely affordable price compared to the other luxury shoes in this category.

Best Classic Leather Sneaker

Nike Air Force 1


  • Price: $90 
  • Sizes: 6-18
  • Colors: White, Black, Custom 

You can never go wrong with a pair of the iconic Air Force 1’s, which go exceptionally well with athleisure and casual wear. Of course, no one is going to argue if you pair it with a more sophisticated outfit; after all, they literally cannot disagree with some of the biggest names in NBA history. They feature a high-top leather upper, with a chunky, low sole that polishes any outfit with a touch of cool and casual. They come in the standard colors of monochromatic white or monochromatic black; however, you can also custom design your own pair if you wish to stand out from the crowd. 

They have been worn by elite basketball stars, so you already know they are comfortable, supportive, and durable. They have a thick, foam midsole with a special air unit to provide bouncy, responsive cushioning and support for every step. Furthermore, they have small toe cap holes for excellent breathability. 

Most Comfortable Leather Sneakers

cole haan tennis sneaker

Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Sneaker

Cole Haan

  • Price: $150
  • Sizes: 7-16
  • Colors: Wide Array of Neutrals

Similar to their name, these leather sneakers are designed to look like tennis court shoes. At least, they look like the type of shoe you would wear to the country club to watch others play tennis. They are intricately designed, featuring a leather exterior, a suede heel, and a thick outsole. They are a sleek, dynamic design which adds a refined touch to your overall style. 

Although they are on the pricier side for a shoe, they actually look much more expensive and they definitely feel more expensive and elite. We consider this one of the most comfortable shoes on our list; it takes quite a good amount of comfort to say that since the Air Force 1’s are like walking on a cloud. The GrandPro Tennis Sneaker is a lightweight and flexible shoe that  almost feels as though you are wearing nothing at all.

The outsole has several layers of cushioning so that you will feel comfortable all day long, while the Textile covered footbed provides breathability so that you will never feel too hot. Furthermore, you are likely to feel supported wherever you are walking due to the superior rubber pod traction on the bottom of the shoes.

Best Luxury Leather Sneakers

common projects achilles photo

Common Projects Achilles

Common Projects

  • Price: $440 
  • Sizes: 6-14
  • Colors: Grey, White 

We cannot put it anymore bluntly: this is a gorgeous shoe. Although it lands on the pricier side on our list, it is well worth it in terms of style and quality. It is unmatched in terms of a simple, clean, and elegant leather shoe. You can choose between a monochromatic white shoe or a monochromatic light grey shoe. The shoe is designed with little, sophisticated details that really put it over the edge, such as leather eyelet panels, an ankle tab on the heel, and a gold foil stamp on the outside side heel. 

It is made with Napa leather which is well-known for its soft feel. You will feel as though you are walking upon pure luxury with these shoes, and they will conform to the shape of your feet over time which will only add to the comfort. Furthermore, the sole is made from thick and durable Italian rubber. A further notable feature is that the upper shoe is attached to the sole with both cementing and stitching; this is a rare and incredibly durable method of putting the two together.

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