Greats Royale Sneaker Review

Whether you are searching for a classic white sneaker with a touch of class, or looking for a leather dress shoe that can be worn like casual streetwear, the Greats Royale Sneaker may be the perfect new set of kicks. A simply stunning shoe, this will make an excellent addition to any casual streetwear, business casual, or preppy style wardrobes. 

Certainly, we understand that it may be difficult to justify a $179 price tag for one pair of shoes, especially when there are slightly similar-looking sneakers on the market for a fraction of the price. However, it is worth learning more about the style, quality, fit, comfort, and durability of this shoe before you start shopping for lower-end alternatives. We have done just that, and fully explained how the Royale performs in each category below. Spoiler alert… It is impressive. 

Greats Royale Sneakers

greats royale sneaker photo

The photo above was taken after 1 year of use.

Important Specs

  • Price: $179 (Check Price on Amazon)
  • Classic Colors: Ash Grey (Shown in image), Blanco, Blanco Gum, Cuoio, Navy, Nero, Triple Black
  • Limited Edition Colors: Burgundy, Grey Gum, Olive, Tan, Navy, Blanco, Cargo
  • Sizes: 7-14 *Runs ½ Size Large


One glance at these shoes and you can tell why they carry a $179 price tag; in fact, you might believe they would cost more than that. They appear very upscale, due to their smooth leather exterior, leather side panels, monochromic laces, and lack of any exterior stand-out logo or identification.

The low rise design coupled with the thick sole adds an element of casual streetwear. This feature looks excellent tied together with chinos, slim fit trousers, or pleated trousers giving off an effortlessly stylish vibe. The visible stitching, which more-so catches the eye on dark color choices rather than grey or white, provides an excellent visual of a skillfully handcrafted product; a feature that is a well-known characteristic of a high-end product. 

Are they good quality?

The Royale’s high-quality materials and construction explain precisely why this shoe boasts such an attractive appearance. It also contributes to how exceptionally the shoe fits and wears. Greats chose high-quality, full-grain leather in order to provide a buttery smooth texture that slowly, over natural wear, becomes more relaxed rather than cracked and damaged. Furthermore, they uniquely chose to line the inside of their shoes with the same full-grain leather that will be soft and smooth for your feet. Again, it will become more relaxed over time, only adding to the comfort.

greats royale quality stitching and leather

Additionally, the rubber cup sole protects the heel, toe-cap, and sides of the shoe from damage. The upper shoe is attached to the sole with cementing and stitching which is a rare, but excellent, choice as it adds another layer of security in keeping these shoes intact.

These design decisions only further contribute to the high-quality construction of these shoes, assuming that the owner would be wearing these shoes for a long time. Of course, we must mention that these shoes were designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted in Italy, so you know that both the idea and the composition are being left to the Greats in more ways than one. 

Do Greats Royale sneakers fit true-to-size?

This sleek shoe comes in sizes 7 to 14. True to the testimony of the website, the Royale runs about ½ size large. In order to receive the proper fit, we always recommend measuring your foot and comparing it with the guidelines on the Greats website.

Customers attest that you can simply order ½ size down from your typical shoe size and they should fit perfectly. That said, there are also multiple reviews that state that individuals with wide feet may need to try multiple pairs before finding a proper size. 

Are Greats Royale sneakers comfortable?

One of the most important aspects of any shoe is the comfort level. We know you are hoping this shoe is as luxuriously soft and comfortable as it looks. Fortunately, this shoe delivers on that completely. Since the inside of the shoe is lined with full-grain leather, or the highest quality grade of leather, you can be certain your feet will feel as though they are cutting through silky smooth butter with every step.

Additionally, Greats offered even more comfort with leather-topped OrthoLite open cell foam insoles. Although you can remove these if you like, they do provide a nice extra cushion for long walks. 

greats royale top and inside

The side panels have also been perforated, or dotted with tiny air holes. Although this kind of breathability cannot compare to those of sportswear or athletic shoes, it does provide more airflow than a standard, leather shoe. You can also wear these leather shoes without any socks, which may further increase your comfort on a hot day. 


It is true what they say sometimes, that you have to pay the price for high-quality products. The price in this case is $179 unless you manage to snag these on sale. Keep in mind you are not purchasing your average shoe. Rather, you are buying a shoe that is skillfully made out of premium materials. Essentially, your shoes will look better, feel better, and last longer than the average cheap leather sneaker even if they may look similar. 

There are specific features of these shoes that stand-out in terms of durability. The highest quality leather, full grain leather, will not only last a long time, but will maintain or improve its appearance over time. Rather than cracking, splitting, or tearing, it will become more relaxed and soft. Another remarkable aspect is the aforementioned cementing and stitching used to attach the upper shoe to the sole. While most shoes only use glue or stitching, these shoes are built with enhanced durability in one of the most common wear and tear points of sneakers.

Finally, Greats even paid careful attention to the durability of small details like the laces. They are made of 100% waxed cotton so they will resist dirt and always look fresh and clean. 

greats close-up laces and leather

Are Greats Royale Sneakers Worth Buying?

Yes. If you can afford the price-tag, the Greats Royale are definitely the pair of leather sneakers you should purchase. You will receive an exceptionally beautiful leather shoe. The quality, the craftsmanship, and the appearance are all amazing to say the least. They will enhance any casual outfit, or add a relaxed accent to any business or dressier outfit. Furthermore, you will feel comfortable all day and over time and wear, the sneakers will only become softer and more comfortable.

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