Vornado Vortex VH200 Space Heater Review

Cold weather moves in quickly when you least expect it; before you know it temperatures have dropped, and you’re shivering inside your home or office, reaching for a pair of mittens and winter hat just to keep warm. Space heaters can be the best solution in a situation like this, perfect to heat small-average sized spaces and supplement inadequate large heating systems. 

One of the best space heaters on the market currently is the Vornado Vortex VH200 Whole Room Heater. It is a compact, forced air space heater that can easily heat an average-sized (200-250 Sq. Ft) room. It works by circulating heated air with its ultra-quiet fan. 

We have thoroughly examined this heater, from top to bottom, in order to review its specifications, advantages, special features and performance. We’ve also determined if this space heater would make a good fit for you and your needs. Without further ado, let’s see if it can deliver as promised! 

Vornado Vortex VH200
Vornado Vortex Space Heater photo I have owned this space heater for over four years and it still works great!

Important Specs 

  • Heater Type: Forced Air
  • Maximum Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Heated Area: 250 Sq. Ft. 
  • Heat Settings: Three
  • Extra Features: Thermostat
  • Safety Features: Auto Shut Off, Cool-to-the-Touch, Tip-Over Auto Shut-Off, Finger Friendly Design
  • Price: $69.99 (Check Price on Amazon)


There are many advantages to choosing the Vortex Vortex VH200 over other space heaters:

  • It has a compact design
  • It uses a special Vortex Action circulation to ensure all the air in the room is warmed
  • It has an ultra-quiet fan, which is rare for a forced-air type of space heater
  • It has four advanced safety features to ensure you and your family remain safe
  • It has three heat settings which allow you to choose your ideal temperature easily
  • It has an adjustable thermostat 
  • It is the perfect heating solution for small-average sized rooms
  • It comes with a five year warranty 

Special Features

The Vornado Vortex VH200 boasts many special features, which makes it incredibly appealing over other brands and models of space heaters. Notably, it offers Vortex Action heat circulation,  three heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, four advanced safety features, a quiet fan, and a five year warranty. Let’s explore the performance of each feature more meticulously. 

Vortex Action Heat Circulation: Vornado’s heaters and fans use an advanced method of moving heat through a room in order to warm it up quickly and comfortably. Vornado calls this Vortex Action, and it essentially is just that: a vortex. It creates a long, twisting and turning line of heated air which then bounces off the opposite wall and recirculates. In contrast, other space heaters often work by heating anyone or anything that is directly in front of it. The Vornado will provide heat for anyone in the room, wherever they are. 

3 Heat Settings and Adjustable Thermostat:

Vornado Vortex heater settings

This space heater has a maximum wattage of 1500 watts (or its highest temperature setting). However, rather than simply operating at that level continuously, it has a dial to choose from three different heat settings. You can select 750 watts (low), 1125 watts (medium), or 1500 watts (high). Ultimately, this allows you to select the amount of electricity the heater is using; picking the proper one for your comfort level and room size (ex. 1500 watts would be an excellent choice for a room that is 200-250 sq. ft.) will help you save on energy bills. Additionally, it has an adjustable thermostat which lets you select between 1 and 7.

4 Safety Features: The first safety feature is a cool-touch casing; it will remain cool even when your heater has been running for a long time, or at the maximum settings. The second special point is the finger-friendly design which keeps children from striking their hands inside the fan or heater. Both of these aspects are excellent if you have children running around your home. The third and fourth safety details are the automatic shut-offs when the heater is tipped over (or more than 10 degrees in any direction) and when the airflow becomes blocked; this is perfect to help prevent fires or other dangerous situations. 

Quiet Fan: Unlike most forced-air fan space heaters, the Vornado Vortex VH200 has an ultra-quiet fan. Many customers attest to this fact in reviews, making it an outstanding space heater if you are sensitive to noise. 

Five Year Warranty: The five year warranty covers detects in the materials or the construction. Although you should always read the fine print of any warranty, as not everything will be covered, this is a great indication that the company believes in the durability of their own product. Furthermore, with routine maintenance on your heating unit, you should expect to get a great many more years out of this space heater. 

You will love the Vornado Vortex VH200 if:

  • You have a small to medium sized apartment, room, or office 
  • You prioritize even-heating 
  • You prioritize the safety of you, your family, and your home
  • You desire customized heat 
  • You want to save money on energy bills
  • You want a small but powerful space heater 
  • You are sensitive to noise 
  • You like your products to last a long time 

Is the Vornado Vortex VH200 worth buying? 

Overall, the Vornado Vortex VH200 is undoubtedly worth purchasing for any small to medium sized space that you would like to heat evenly, smoothly, and comfortably. The special Vortex Action heating method is exceptional compared to other space heaters on the market. It is a perfect solution for cold drafts or rooms that just don’t seem to get warm enough. 

Furthermore, you often see space heaters with safety features but you rarely see them with this many; four safety features gives you the assurance you need to rest easy. Moreover, the three heat settings and the seven temperatures on the adjustable thermostat really seal the deal. Although it doesn’t come with a remote control or digital display like some advanced models do, those aspects are not truly necessary for a fantastic product. This space heater will do what you need it to do, and it will accomplish that extremely well!

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