Wavestorm Surfboard Review

Choosing the right surfboard is an essential first step for anyone learning how to surf.

Purchasing surfing gear with limited knowledge about the sport, board types, board sizes, and top brands can be overwhelming. You want to be confident that you are buying a board that will be easy to learn on and allow you to progress.

If you are not convinced that you will enjoy surfing and stick with the sport, it might be worth taking a lesson, renting a surfboard, or borrowing a surfboard before you buy one.

On the other hand, you can purchase and own a good beginner surfboard for around the same price as one or two surf lessons.

If you take a lesson or learn from an experienced surfer, they are most likely going to recommend you start with an affordable soft-top surfboard like the Wavestorm.

It’s not a surprise that the Wavestorm is the most popular surfboard in the world.

Read our full review below to see if the Wavestorm is the right surfboard for you. 

Are Wavestorm surfboards good?

The Wavestorm is the ideal surfboard for beginners or anyone who wants to learn how to surf. It is an inexpensive soft-top surfboard that is easy to learn on while reducing the risk of injury.

Even if you are a more experienced surfer, it is a good board to own if you ever want to teach someone how to surf. They are also extremely fun boards to ride and can replace a longboard in your quiver.


Wavestorm Surfing Video
Video by Wavestorm on Amazon

This in-depth review of the Wavestorm surfboard will include:

  • Benefits – Why Wavestorms are good for beginners.
  • What is included with your purchase?
  • Dimensions and Specifications.
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are they made of?
  • Do you need to wax it?
  • Can it get waterlogged?
  • Who makes it?
  • Return policy and warranty.
  • Is it worth buying?
  • Our product rating.
  • Pros and Cons.

Why are Wavestorm surfboards good for beginners?

Wavestorms are the best beginner surfboards because they are affordable, reduce the risk of injury, and are easy to ride. Inexperienced riders typically learn twice as fast on Wavestorms compared to fiberglass surfboards because they are designed for beginners.  See more features and benefits below:
Wavestorms are the most affordable surfboards on the market. You can buy a Wavestorm surfboard and learn on your own schedule without a significant financial commitment. There is no need for a beginner to spend over $500 on a fiberglass surfboard when you can buy a soft-top board for $99 to $300.
Wavestorms are more buoyant than your typical surfboard making it easier to catch small waves.
The board’s width and buoyancy make it more stable when paddling and standing up.

Wavestorm surfboard in ocean
Video by Wavestorm on Amazon

The soft, foam top reduces the risk of injury and gives beginners more confidence when learning.
Polyethylene bottom is resistant to scratches, holes, and dings.
Easy Maintenance
You don’t need to worry about fixing dings because the board is made of foam and polyethylene.
Easy to purchase
Wavestorms are very easy to purchase at your local Costco or you can order them on Amazon with free shipping.

What is included?

The Wavestorm includes everything a beginner needs to start riding the waves. Whether you purchase the surfboard in-store at Costco or online from Amazon, you will receive a complete package including the board, fins, traction pad, and a leash.

These are the essentials for surfing, but we recommend you also buy surf wax and a wetsuit for surfing in cooler conditions.  

8 Foot Soft-top surfboard

The 8-foot foam surfboard is the perfect board to learn on for anyone under 200 pounds.

wavestorm blue soft-top surfboard
3 Plastic Fins

Three 4.5″ plastic bolt-through fins are easy to assemble on your board. 

wavestorm plastic surfboard fins

Polyurethane leash with high grade neoprene and velcro ankle straps. The leash base includes a swivel to reduce kinking.

wavestorm surfboard leash
Traction Pad

The pre-installed traction pad on the tail gives you better traction with your back foot.

wavestorm traction pad

Wavestorm Dimensions and Specifications:

Length: 8 feet (243.8 cm)
Width: 22.5 inches (57.4 cm)
Thickness: 3.25 inches (8.3 cm)
Volume: 86 liters
Weight: 11.5 pounds
Recommended weight capacity for the Wavestorm surfboard is 200 pounds.


Wavestorm surfboards are available for $99.00 at select Costco stores or on Amazon for around $200 with free shipping.

wavestorm color options

What are Wavestorm surfboards made of?

Wavestorms are made of a strong foam material at the core, supported by three marine-plywood stringers.
The foam core is encased in a textured water barrier skin to  prevent water damage and provide the rider with more grip when paddling, standing up or riding a wave.
The bottom of the board is a hard and sleek layer of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) which allows the board to maintain speed in the water.
wavestorm surfboard materials inside

Do you need to wax a Wavestorm surfboard?

The Wavestorm product description says that you do not need to wax the board, but the foam top can become a little slippery when it gets wet. Applying a light coat of wax to the board can give you more grip and allow for easier maneuverability. Waxing the board will also give beginners more confidence when they are learning to stand up on the board and getting comfortable controlling it. 

Can a Wavestorm get waterlogged?

Yes. Just like any surfboard, a Wavestorm can get waterlogged if enough water gets into the center core of the board. The main reason foam surfboards get waterlogged is because of a loose seal around the fins. To prevent water from entering the core, make sure the fin screws are tight and there is an airtight seal before every session.

Who makes the Wavestorm surfboard?

The Wavestorm is manufactured and sold by a company called AGIT Global. They specialize in creating modern foam technology for the sporting goods sector and have sold over five times as many surfboards as the leading surf brands according to Bloomberg.

Return Policy & Warranty

Amazon offers a 30-day return policy for any unopened Wavestorm products.

AGIT Global includes a 30-day warranty for Wavestorm surfboards with manufacturing and material defects. The claims should be made through the retail store or website where you purchased your board.

Is the Wavestorm worth buying?

I recently learned how to surf on a Wavestorm surfboard before purchasing my own. It was much easier to stand up and ride waves on the Wavestorm compared to a fiberglass longboard.

The board offers incredible value for the price and is absolutely worth buying if you are learning how to surf.

This board is made specifically for beginners so it will give you more confidence and help you progress quickly.

Also, as your surfing ability improves, it’s still a fun board to keep in your quiver for a day with small waves or if you ever want to teach someone how to surf. 

It can actually replace a longboard at a much lower price point.

The Wavestorm is the perfect surfboard for beginners or experienced surfers looking for a care-free surfboard on a budget.

surfboard horizontal

Wavestorm Surfboard Review

We tested and reviewed the Wavestorm surfboard. Here are the results:

Our overall rating: 9.0/10

Quality: 8
Price: 10
Durability: 9
Design: 8
Return Policy & Warranty: 8


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Simple setup
  • Easy to catch small waves
  • Stable
  • Buoyant 
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to learn on
  • Durable
  • Fast shipping


  • 200 pound weight limit
  • Not very responsive 
  • Other surfers will know you are a beginner (This can be a good thing so they know to watch out for you)
9 Total Score

How Comfy
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