Cozy Earth Jogger Pants Review

The transition to working from home over the past year has led to a significant spike in the demand for loungewear.

Many people, like myself, who used to dress up for work and commute into the office have been adding a lot more loungewear to their wardrobe now that they can work from home and don’t need to attend in-person meetings. If your co-workers can’t see your legs during a video conference call, why not wear a pair of comfortable joggers?

Cozy Earth Bamboo Joggers are incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable. They are very different from every other pair of joggers or sweatpants I have worn.

I’ve always loved my cotton sweatpants and joggers, but I never had anything to compare them to. Now I realize that there are better fabric options for sweatpants. Cotton fleece sweatpants are very soft and fuzzy on the inside, but they tend to trap heat inside and the fabric is a little stiff.

The bamboo fabric used to make the Cozy Earth Joggers is breathable, temperature regulating, and drapes over your skin like silk.

These joggers are so comfortable, they were named one of Oprah’s favorite things in 2020.

Cozy Earth Oprah's favorite things 2020

Yes, they are more expensive than a typical pair of joggers that you can buy at a department store, but there are significant benefits.

Read the full review below to find out if they are worth it.

Oprah’s favorite jogger pants, tested and reviewed by us.

Cozy Earth Jogger pants photoCozy Earth Joggers back pocket

How comfortable are Cozy Earth joggers?

The cozy earth joggers are the most comfortable joggers for lounging, running errands, working from home, and sleeping. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, to help you sleep through the night and regulate your body temperature. It also helps prevent night sweats and hot flashes.

They are relaxed fit with a stretchy and soft fabric that is flattering for all body types.


Cozy Earth Bamboo Joggers are made from 70% premium viscose from bamboo, 26% acrylic, and 4% spandex.

Inside Fabric

The inside of the joggers are brushed bamboo fabric, giving them a soft fleece-like feel when they touch your skin.

Cozy Earth Joggers Brushed bamboo inside fabric  

Outside Fabric

The outside fabric on the joggers has a smoother and silkier feel to it.

Cozy Earth Joggers outside fabric and waistband

Cozy Earth Jogger Quality

These loungewear joggers are premium quality, offering a luxurious feel and long lasting durability.

I have owned my joggers for over a year and have not noticed any signs or pilling, sticking issues, or wear from washing.

How warm are they?

These are medium weight, all-season jogger pants.

They are perfect for lounging at home during the colder months or staying in an air-conditioned home during the summer.

Do Cozy Earth joggers fit true to size?

Yes, the joggers fit true to size. The loose-fitting style makes the sweatpants flattering and comfortable for most body types.

The waist and ankle cuffs are soft, stretchy, and don’t ride up.

Cozy Earth Joggers ankle cuff


Color options

Cozy Earth Jogger Color Options

Available sizes

  • Extra-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-Large

Sizing Guide

Women’s Sizes



Men’s Sizes



The retail price for the Cozy Earth Bamboo Joggers is $145.00, but Cozy Earth has frequent sales on their website. You can sometimes find the joggers on sale for around $108.00 Check for sales and view the current price below. 

Are the Cozy Earth bamboo joggers worth it?

Yes. The Cozy Earth joggers are expensive, but they are absolutely worth purchasing with the increase in time spent at home.

It might be hard to justify spending over $100 for loungewear, but owning one pair of expensive joggers can improve your sleep and make you feel more comfortable while working from home.

Cozy Earth joggers also have a 10-year warranty making them a reasonable long-term purchase.

They offer a 100-day trial. If you don’t like the joggers after 100-days, you can send them back for a full refund. 

If you are looking for a full loungewear set, the joggers pair well with Cozy Earth’s bamboo hoodie.

Washing instructions

  1. Machine wash cold
  2. Wash inside out with like colors
  3. Do not allow to lay on itself when wet
  4. Do not bleach or use fabric softener
  5. Tumble dry on low or delicate

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