Ugg Coco Luxe Throw Blanket Review

There is possibly nothing more satisfying in the evening than coming home and wrapping yourself up and getting all snug in a blanket. At least this is true when you find the softest, coziest blanket ever… and we have! UGG’s Coco Luxe Throw Blanket is made up of 100% polyester bonded flannel and possesses all the qualities you could possibly desire in a blanket; it is thick, heavy, warm, and ultra-soft. The icing on the cake is that it comes in such beautiful colors, you may have trouble choosing just one. We just had to share the details with you; below you will find all the important info on specs and features such that you can determine if this UGG blanket is worth the purchase. 

Ugg coco luxe blanket


  • Colors: Cabernet, Glacier Gray, Charcoal, Navy, Snow, Succulent, White
  • Dimensions: 50 x 70 in
  • Weight: 4.96 lbs
  • Materials: 100% polyester bonded flannel
  • Price: $69.99 (Check for sales at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Special Features

Ugg Coco luxe blanket on chair

Beautiful Style: The UGG Coco Luxe throw blanket will complement many home decor styles, as it will provide a touch of luxury or class to even the most minimalist of homes. They come in a few rich, solid tones: cabernet, charcoal, glacier gray, and navy; they also come in solid, light colors: snow, succulent, and white. It is truly the finish on these beautiful blankets that add to their appeal, they simply have such an elegant texture and almost invite you to touch them because you know they are going to be extremely plush. If you want to upgrade a couch or bed, you can even pair them with a UGG Coco Luxe Throw Pillow in a corresponding color. 

Soft and Cozy: We would shout this from the rooftops if we could: this blanket is so soft and cozy! It is made from 100% polyester flannel which is well-known for its ability to retain heat without creating a moist and hot environment; that means you will stay warm but you won’t sweat as you might with other fabrics. Your skin will also welcome how luxurious this fabric feels against it; further, as it moves across your skin, it feels almost like a slippy, soft velvet and it doesn’t catch up on your skin or clothes. 

Thick and Heavy: At almost 5 pounds, this blanket is a pleasant weight that induces calming and stress-relieving sensations. You could compare it to a light version of an anti-anxiety, weighted blanket. As you wrap it around you, it will feel as though someone is hugging you with a deep and warm embrace. 

Is the UGG Coco Luxe Throw Blanket worth buying?

We cannot say it enough, this is possibly one of the best throw blankets we have ever come across. It is super soft, the perfect size and weight, and it looks as luxurious as it feels. We would absolutely recommend this throw to anyone who wants to add coziness into their home and life! 

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