9 Best eFoils of 2023

Are you an experienced surfer looking for a fun, new toy to take out for a spin? Perhaps you are a novice water-sport enthusiast searching for a relatively easy activity? An eFoil may be just what you are looking for. It can be described as a small, electric surfboard that actually flies above the water’s surface.

How do eFoils work?

An eFoil is an electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard. The board has a mast on the bottom which stems down about 30 inches below the water’s surface. On the bottom of the mast, there is a set of wings and a propeller. As the propeller moves you through the water, the wings create lift and allow you to float above the water while standing on the board. The speed of the propeller is controlled by a wireless, handheld remote.

If you have ever craved the freedom of surfing without needing the perfect waves or wind conditions, this is the perfect sport for you. You are essentially in control of every aspect of your ride experience, going at your own choice of speed, heading in any direction, maneuvering light or deep curves, or performing advanced tricks.

We narrowed down the best eFoil options on the market in 2022 so you can find the perfect option for your needs. Check out who made our list below: 

Best eFoils of 2022

  • Lift 3 Sport 4’9  eFoil
  • Fliteboard
  • Lift 3 Pro eFoil 4’2”
  • Waydoo Flyer One
  • Lift 3 Cruiser 5’4”
  • PWRFoil
  • Get Foil
  • Lift 3 Explorer 5’9
  • EasyGoat 

Lift 3 Sport 4’9 eFoil

lift foil 4-9
Lift Foil
  • Price: $12,000
  • Weight: 50lbs 
  • Speed: up to 30 mph 
  • Ride Time: up to 120 min

This eFoil is simply the best board in terms of performance. It is the optimal board for any individual. If you are a beginner, it has the extra stability necessary for balancing and maneuvering. If you are more experienced, you can kick your performance into high gear by going at faster speeds and learning tricks. The Lift 3 Sport has a sleek shape, lightweight design, and silent motor so that you will truly cut through the water like a knife, leaving no trace. 

Also, you can fully customize this eFoil at checkout depending on which features you find the most important in your riding experience: mast, front wing, and back wing.


  • Price: $12,495
  • Weight: 101 lbs 
  • Speed: up to 28mph
  • Ride Time: up to 90 min

Australia is one of the world leaders in surfing tech and the same goes for eFoils with this Australian-based brand at the forefront of eFoil design. The original Fliteboard is their most popular product and it is easy to see why! Hand-crafted out of premium materials, it is built for strength and durability. It is one of the best boards for all types of riders: young and old, small or large, beginner or expert. It has the buoyancy to take on weights up to 220 lbs and the stability to accommodate people that don’t have great balance. 

Lift 3 Pro eFoil 4’2”

lift foil 4-2
Lift Foil
  • Price: $12,000
  • Weight: 45lbs 
  • Speed: up to 30 mph
  • Ride Time: up to 120 min

Lift is truly legendary when it comes to their eFoil boards. This is yet another one of their boards making our top 10 list. The Lift 3 Pro is ideal for advanced or experienced riders who desire a more dynamic ride. This board design is smaller than the average board and incredibly lightweight, giving the sensation of gliding purely on air. Similar to most Lift eFoils, you can customize the mast, front wing, and back wing depending on your preferences and which tricks you want to attempt.

Waydoo Flyer One

waydoo efoil
  • Price: $5,999
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Speed: up to 22 mph
  • Ride Time: up to 85 min

The Waydoo Flyer is one of the most affordable eFoil options on the market. Even though it is less expensive, it does not disappoint when it comes to quality. It is composed of EPP closed-cell foam making it exceptionally durable. The Waydoo Flyer is a perfect board for a beginner because it is light, stable, and impact-resistant. However, unlike some other brands, this board has a noisy motor. This may not be a disadvantage if you are planning to use your eFoil in an open and secluded area. 

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Lift 3 Cruiser 5’4”

lift foil 5-4
Lift Foil
  • Price: $12,000 
  • Weight: 57lbs
  • Speed: up to 30 mph
  • Ride Time: up to 120 min

If you feel you have a good handle on balancing and riding an eFoil, but you need a board that can handle sharp curves, higher waves, or choppier conditions, the Lift 3 Cruiser is the eFoil for you. It offers all the amazing features of a Lift 3 Sport, including stability, smoothness, and durability. In addition, it provides the opportunity to increase your skill level with a shorter board length and a more aerodynamic shape.


  • Price: $7300 to $8500
  • Weight: Varies 
  • Speed:  up to 24 mph 
  • Ride Time:  up to 90 min 

The PWRFoil is an affordable and customizable option giving riders the chance to choose board size, mast size, and wing size. Ultimately, the PWR maintains an easy and smooth riding experience and it is optimal for any type of water since it has an ultra-strong and durable design. This board comes complete with a control that has 3 different modes so you can easily switch between speeds. 

Get Foil

Get Foil
  • Price: $7,999
  • Weight: 77lbs to 80lbs
  • Speed: up to 28mph
  • Ride Time: up to 90 min

Get Foil actually has two eFoils that make our list: the Long Range and the Performance. Each offers a stable, mid-weight board although the Performance is heavier and speedier. The eFoil also comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote and a sleek carrying case. Apart from the Lift 3 Sport 4’9  eFoil, this eFoil claims the best performance on the market in a more affordable price range.

Lift 3 Explorer 5’9

lift foils 5-9
Lift Foil
  • Price: $12,000
  • Weight: 63lbs
  • Speed:  up to 30 mph
  • Ride Time: up to 120 mph

The Lift 3 Explorer is the fourth Lift model to make our 2021 list of top-performers. This just goes to show how high-quality this brand truly is. The Lift 3 Explorer is the ultimate board for beginners or individuals who take a casual, laid-back approach to riding. It is the largest board in the Lift 3 family, ensuring that riders will be able to balance and maneuver easily. Additionally, it is great to share with friends or family since it can accommodate so many different body sizes and types. 


easy goat efoil
  • Price: $7900 
  • Weight: 44 lbs 
  • Speed: up to 18mph
  • Ride Time: up to 80 min

The Easy Goat is an excellent eFoil for those who plan on riding their board in many different locations or plan to bring it on vacation. It is lightweight and has a compact design which is desirable for travel. Also, a unique feature is its detachable mast and wings which can be installed in under 5 minutes! Is it called Easy Goat because it is Easily the greatest of all time? If not, it should be!

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