Adidas Alphabounce Basketball Slides Review

The Adidas Alphabounce Basketball Slides are built for off-court comfort. Whether you’re performing your post-game routine, relaxing at home, at the gym, or walking the dog, these slides are a great option to keep your feet comfortable.

Our expert reviewers tested these slides to help you decide if they are the right option for you.

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The Look

The Alphabounce slides have a unique and funky look to them. There are a lot of ridges on the bottom, sides, and top of the sole which echoes the design of the popular Alphabounce shoe. The textured design makes these slides stand out from the more basic alternatives.

Adidas Alphabounce Slides Side View

Color Options

  • White & Black
  • Red & Black
  • Blue & Black
  • Black 

The Feel

The Adidas Alphabounce is a great all-around slide choice without sacrificing comfort, support, durability, or performance. It’s difficult to find slides that check all of these boxes.


They are easy to slide on and off with an adjustable velcro strap. The strap has a decent amount of padding so it won’t irritate the top of your foot if you wear them without socks. There is a lip around the edge of the footbed and at the toe to keep your feet from sliding off. The footbed is a softer “bounce cushion” material that provides superior comfort and support. The heel provides the perfect amount of cushion for a smooth walking experience.

Adidas Alphabounce Slides Footbed Cushion


The contoured design of the footbed provides amazing arch support. It is comparable to the support of a nice running shoe so you should feel confident taking these slides outside for a quick walk.


The synthetic EVA outsoles provide more flexibility, shock absorption, and durability than normal rubber soles. These slides will last a very long time even with moderate outdoor use.


The Alphabounce slides are the ideal slide option whether you are looking for a comfortable house slipper or casual footwear to wear while shooting around before or after a basketball game. The velcro strap can be adjusted to a snug or loose fit based on your use.

The slides are surprisingly lightweight with an impressive bottom grip that is similar to basketball shoes. The construction and weight of the slides give you the feeling that you could run full speed in them. However, we don’t recommend you run in slides.


These Adidas slides only come in whole sizes and seem to run a little big. However, we recommend you stick with your normal size.

Available sizes (Men’s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

How much do Adidas Alphabounce slides cost?

The retail price for Adidas Alphabounce Slides is $35, but sometimes you can find them for less on Amazon depending on your size and color preference.

Do you wear Adidas Alphabounce slides with socks?

You can wear these slides with or without socks depending on the temperature and use. Pairing these slides with alpaca socks is our favorite choice for house slippers during the winter.

Best Comfortable Socks with Slides

Will Alphabounce slides fit people with wide feet?

The adjustable strap on the slides make them a favorable option for people with wide feet.

How Comfy
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