White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent Review

If you dislike the classic style of tents, particularly the teepee shapes or bell shapes, you are in luck; there is another option called the wall tent. It is similar to a house, constructed with four walls and a sloping two-sided roof.

These are the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for plenty of space to move around and stand up properly. In fact, they are so spacious, that you can add a number of items and furniture to make them more comfortable and cozy. This is such a popular trend that some people do actually use these tents as guest houses. 

The Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is amazing for any solo traveler, romantic couple, friend group, or a large family who plans to go camping or glamping. Accordingly, it comes in 6 different sizes to accommodate varying numbers of people.

It is made up of heavy and strong duck canvas which provides protection from rain and sun. It also has a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame, and a PVC floor.

It features windows and doors, the number of which depends on the sizing, but all its extra special features are available in all sizes: it provides a stove jack and a pocket organizer.

Naturally, while we think this Alpha Tent is indeed alpha due to its high-quality materials and construction, it may not be ideal for some people.

Let’s take a look at the specs and details, who is the tent is for, and if it is worth purchasing. 

White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

alpha canvas wall tent


  • Design: Wall Tent 
  • Colors: Beige 
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, Mesh, PVC
  • Treatments: Waterproof, UV protection
  • Optional Treatments: Water Repellant, Fire & Water Repellant
  • Seasons: All Season

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Size Options 


8′ x 10′ Alpha

10′ x 12′ Alpha

12′ x 14′ Alpha

14′ x 16′ Alpha

16′ x 20′ Alpha

16′ x 24′ Alpha


Max 4 

Max 8

Max 10

Max 12

Max 14

Max 18

Wall Height







Center Height







Door Height








Simple, Spacious Style: The idea of bringing a mini set-up of home on a camping trip is a heavenly vision. The comfort of home with the exhilaration of the great outdoors, it cannot get much better than that!alpha tent inside

The White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall tent provides exactly that experience as it has four walls, a sloped roof, windows, and doors. 

There are six available size options, each providing a different accommodation for capacity. The smallest size is 8’ x 10’ with a center height of 9’5” and this is ideal for 2-4 people. The largest size is 16’ x 14’ with a center height of 10’ and a perfect capacity of 9-18 people.

If you opt for the minimum capacity (which is typically the maximum capacity divided by two) you will have more space to move around freely as well as space for items and furniture. 

High-Quality Materials and Construction: As with all White Duck tents, the commitment to providing premium materials and constructing their tents to be durable and long-lasting is unmatched.

The Alpha is no different; they utilized durable and strong duck canvas for the shell, treated to be water repellent, as well as mold & UV resistant. You can opt for a further Water Repellent or a Fire & Water Repellent treated fabric depending on your needs.

The stitching along the seams and the edges are always double-enforced to provide maximum durability and longevity. 

The free-floating floor and wall skirting are made from PVC, which allows you to keep your tent clean and dry while additionally facilitating cleaning. 

Furthermore, the 3-layer windows and zippered door include a PVC dipped mesh; this special combination of materials means they will withstand regular wear and tear, storms, and any critters that try to make their way into the tent.

White Duck went the extra mile here and included an additional flap across the door for more protection from rain and wind; they also provided an extra sunshade. 

In terms of the skeleton, the poles are made with galvanized aluminum poles which are lightweight yet extremely strong. The hardware, such as the angle kit and pegs, is also constructed out of this durable metal.

Although the tent itself is free-standing, it will still need to be tied down with the proprietary shock-absorbing bungee cords and pegs which will be able to withstand strong winds and rainstorms. 

Additional Features: The Alpha Canvas Tent comes equipped with a heat-resistant stove jack with a flap. If you plan to use your canvas tent in the winter or on chilly autumn nights, you can install a stove through this 5” standard size jack.

If you experience hot summer days and nights, you can also use this as a vent for your air conditioner pipe. 

Additionally, all tents come with a pocket organizer so you can keep all your small items or important gadgets safe and secure; this is something that may not seem important before you’re actually out in the wilderness, but once you’re out there, this certainly comes in handy!

You will love the White Duck Alpha Canvas Tent if:

  • You enjoy camping or glamping for long periods of time, on a regular basis 
  • You value high-quality products 
  • You prioritize durable and long-lasting materials 
  • You need a tent that can hold up extremely well against the rain, snow, sun, and wind
  • You would like a tent with enough space to add items or furniture
  • You wish to add a stove or an air conditioner 
  • You need a tent to accommodate a large group of people 
  • You appreciate a large amount of space
  • You enjoy the feeling of a home-away-from-home 

You will not like the White Duck Alpha Canvas Tent if:

  • You don’t like the standard house (4 walls and a roof) design
  • You don’t want to add furniture and other home-items
  • You do not go camping or glamping often or for long periods of time 
  • You go camping solo or travel by foot into the wilderness (this is a very heavy tent)
  • You don’t wish to spend a lot of money

Is the White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent worth buying?

Overall, the White Duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is worth the investment if you have a large number of friends or family who like to go camping or glamping often.

The Alpha is a very spacious tent, as it is designed to maximize the amount of room you have in all directions. White Duck tents are incredibly durable, so you will be able to pass this down in your family for camping as a long-standing tradition.

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