Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat Review

Finding the ideal yoga mat can be a difficult and expensive process. Perhaps you have even purchased and tried a few yoga mats and been constantly disappointed. It seems as though most yoga mats can only achieve half of the necessary features. For instance, they may promise to be lightweight enough to carry anywhere, but they lack support and stability. Or, they may claim to possess superior traction yet you seem to stick to the mat every time you sweat.

To say the least, it is about time someone created a perfectly balanced mat that can actually do it all. We have actually found that mat: the Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat (5mm).

It is 5mm of polyurethane and natural latex rubber offering exceptional comfort, support, and stability. Let’s take a closer look at this yoga mat and assess it for comfort, stability, portability, traction, durability, and ease of maintenance. 

lululemon reversible yoga mat grip and thickness

  • Price: 78 to 88$ USD 
  • Colors: Black, Black and White, Midnight Navy and White, Navy Blue and White, Rose and White, Teal and White 
  • Size: 26” x 71” x .19”
  • Weight: 5.24 lbs
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Materials: Polyurethane, Natural Latex Rubber 

Lululemon’s Reversible Yoga Mat (5mm) is one of the best yoga mats for achieving both comfort and stability. This remains true for average or smaller-than-average individuals. If you are larger or taller than average, you may wish to opt for their wider and longer version of this mat. Since comfort and stability go hand in hand with yoga, it is important to consider that these aspects of your mat will directly impact your performance. 


Lululemon makes the Reversible Yoga Mat out of polyurethane and natural latex rubber. Polyurethane foam is bouncy, springy, and responsive. Essentially, this means that when you are holding or changing positions, the foam will adapt to the pressure and weight changes immediately. You will feel supported as soon as you switch positions, rather than after the fact. Consequently, your joints and muscles will feel better over long periods of time. Especially during long yoga sessions. In addition, the natural latex provides an excellent additional layer of cushioning that ensures the surface is just right. It is not too squishy so that you sink into it and it is not too firm so that you feel uncomfortable. 


Although this mat is on the heavier side, coming in at a little over 5 pounds, the advantages of this size mat are unmatched in terms of performance. A mat of this weight will be more sturdy and stable, provide more cushioning and comfort, and offer a longer lifespan than a thinner and lighter mat. Of course, this may be impractical for you if you have to travel long distances, commute between work and the studio, take public transit, or ride a bicycle. It may be too heavy to carry with you.

If this is the case, Lululemon does offer a thinner (3mm) and lighter (3.87 lbs) version of this mat. 


Traction is incredibly important when considering a yoga mat. It is worthwhile to explore how this mat provides a slip-proof surface and base. Cutting right to the chase, the traction on the Reversible Yoga Mat is impeccable. Whether it is wet or dry, you will not slip off while exercising. The material naturally pulls all moisture inwards which reduces the amount of wetness on the top of the mat.

Also, the thickness of this mat adds to the traction aspect. A 5mm layer allows for your movement to be absorbed readily even if you change positions quickly. This means that your movements are unlikely to impact the base of the mat which can lead to frequent slippage. Lululemon does provide a version of this mat that is more textured if you feel like you need extra grip (such as for hot yoga). 


Durability and care are significant factors that must be taken into account when looking at a yoga mat. The Reversible Yoga Mat is durable, thanks to its material composition, design, thickness, and weight. Natural latex rubber is one of the longest-lasting (and sustainable) materials in the yoga mat business. Polyurethane also tends to be long-lasting with its typical densities for yoga mats.

Lululemon adds even more durability to this mat by adding a mold and mildew-resistant additive, which is an exceptional idea given the fact it absorbs water and sweat.

The reversible design of this mat means that if you begin to see wear and tear on one side, you can easily flip it over. This also cuts down on the chance of forming indentations.

Finally, the thickness and weight add to the durability. It can withstand regular use over a long period of time. In comparison with more inexpensive yet thinner and lesser-quality yoga mats, this mat is truly worth the price tag that accompanies it. 

The surface of this yoga mat does scratch easily. It will not always look as pristine as it does when you first purchase it. However, we would suggest choosing one of the colors that has a marbled effect with white. The scratches may blend in easier with this design, making them less noticeable. 

Easy care and maintenance 

It is relatively easy to care for and maintain this mat although it demands regular washing. It must be spot-cleaned with water or the special cleanser that Lululemon sells. It needs to be air-dried, but it is important not to place it in direct sunlight to dry because it contains natural latex. This care process must be carried out semi-regularly because it absorbs sweat and you definitely do not want that to build up in the mat over a long period of time. 

Is the Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat Good?

Overall, this yoga mat is one of the best mats we have seen on the market this year, and perhaps ever. It is comfortable, stable, and sturdy. It is perfect for changing positions and relieving pressure points. The premium materials and their performance benefits make this yoga mat entirely worth the price.

Lululemon customers overwhelmingly agree with an overall star rating of 4.7 out of 5. We completely recommend this product to anyone looking for a new yoga mat that performs as promised!

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