Cuts Crew Curve-Hem T-Shirt Review 

The brand Cuts was founded in 2016 by a man named Steven Borrelli. He created the shirt to become a more versatile T-shirt for many different occasions, including the office, the gym, traveling, and more. The founder has gone through a lot of trial and error, ensuring that the t-shirt will be one of the best on the market. 

The clothing is meant to fit many different lifestyle needs, and it will have long-lasting comfort to ensure the consumer is satisfied. It is meant to last longer than other shirts you will buy, and for its price, it is better. The shirts run at $48 each, but the durability and quality have proven that the price is well worth it. 

Cuts T-shirt Overview

cuts curved hem t shirt


  • Brand: Cuts Clothing
  • Style: Fitted T-Shirt with a tapered look
  • Fit: It fits a little small. Size up if you are between sizes.
  • Colors: 14 color options (View all colors here)
  • Materials: 62% polyester, 33% cotton, & 5% spandex
  • Anti-Pilling
  • Soft fabric
  • Pre-Shrunk
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Machine Washable (Cold Water)
  • Color & Fit Retention
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Price: $50.00. (Check price at Cuts Clothing)


Is the Cuts T-shirt Comfortable?

The comfort of this t-shirt is extremely reliable. The material is mixed with polyester, cotton, and spandex, ensuring that it fits well to your body and makes you feel comfortable all day. The spandex gives it a bit of stretch, while the mixture of polyester and cotton gives you a softer feel. The polyester also ensures that the shirt will stay wrinkle-free, making it easier to wash and wear. You will feel comfortable wearing this shirt all day based on how it feels and how it looks!

The material of the shirt also makes it so it fits comfortably on your body. There will be no bunching at your waist, and it will make you feel good as you go about your everyday tasks. Many shirts will get itchy throughout the day, or will not last the test of time; the Curve-Hem T-Shirt from Cuts is different!

Many reviews of this shirt mention how comfortable it is, and how easy it is to wear for the entire day. It stretches well and fits your body comfortably. The fact that it is so lightweight, yet durable, really makes it a great option for your everyday use. 

Styling the Cuts T-shirt

The styling opportunities for this T-shirt really make the purchase worth it! If you hear the word “T-shirt” you typically imagine a casual shirt that you can wear at home, or maybe even at the gym. The style of this shirt is made for versatility. Do you have a date night coming up? Pair it with a nice pair of khakis and your date will be impressed. Do you want to wear it to the gym so you can breathe easier while you’re sweating? Wear it with your gym shorts and watch your workout game improve. You won’t feel as restricted from all of the sweat because the material will allow you to breathe more. You can also simply wear this to the office or at home while you are lounging around. The opportunities are endless, making the t-shirt a viable option for your closet!

There are also a few different colors to choose from. The site has many different neutral colors, making it easy to match with anything. If you’re looking for something simple, they have black or white. If you want to go for a bit more of a pop of color, go for the “River” blue or “Winter Solstice”. 

You can also choose from “PYCA Pro” or “Pima Cotton” fabric. With Pima Cotton, you are getting 100% cotton, breathable, and lightweight material. The PYCA Pro combines polyester, spandex, and cotton materials for an even more versatile feel.

Size and Fit of Cuts T-Shirt

This shirt is designed to fit many body types. It is designed to fit tighter around your chest and shoulders and hit between the waist and hip. The Cuts clothing website recommends sizing up in their t-shirts since it is a preshrunk material and they run a bit smaller than other shirts.

The Curve-Hem means that it is intended to reach your waist and hip, and it will stay there throughout the duration of the day. Many t-shirts bunch up or are stretched too far once they are worn many times. With this fit, it will last many washes and stay right at your desired length. 

Their sizes range from small to XXL. They also offer a sizing chart and the ability to “Find My Size” to ensure that you are getting the proper fit. You can also look at the reviews on size, where customers list their height and build and what size they purchased. This will help you make the right choice so you can be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Price and Durability

The pricing of these t-shirts is a bit steeper than most. Many people are turned away by the $48 price. When you look at what you are getting, you have to understand that it is worth it. If you buy a shirt that costs $15 dollars, how long do you think it will last? The material probably isn’t as durable. You may get a few washes out of it, and then something may happen. It could shrink over time, it could begin to fray or fade, or it could just begin to fall apart.

With the Cuts T-Shirts, you are guaranteed a shirt that lasts. The reason the shirt is so expensive is because of the time and care that goes into making each one. Steven Borelli wanted a shirt that lasted. He spent time ensuring that his creation was one of the best. Although the shirt is in the higher price range, it will guarantee you long-lasting wear. You will want many of these shirts in your closet, with a variety of colors and styles!

The site also offers Sezzle, which is a payment plan of four interest-free payments of about $14. You would be billed every two weeks, potentially making the payment of $48 easier for you. The company gives you options, ensuring that the price isn’t too much for anyone! These shirts are made for everyone!

Cuts also offers a discount when you first enter their site. You can input your email and they will send you a discount code. You can also join the Rewards Program and earn points as you purchase their clothing. 

Is the Cuts T-Shirt Worth it?

After looking at the price, the versatility, and the durability of the Crew Curve-Hem T-Shirt, it is safe to say that is it worth the purchase. You will find yourself ordering more of these shirts and even trying out their other products. The different ways to style the shirt, along with the amazing material, will really stand out to you. Have you tried the Cuts T-Shirt yet? If not, what’s holding you back? Try it out for yourself; you won’t be disappointed!

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