Are Amazon Basics Batteries Good?

Amazon, whether you like it or not, has changed much of the world around us. We have them to thank for creations such as Alexa, Amazon Prime, and even for their own in-house brand called Amazon Basics. From home improvement tools to storage options, pet supplies, and even office furniture, Amazon Basics probably has it.

One of the most popular purchases from the Amazon Basics product line is their batteries. Appearing to be a highly-rated product at a low price, it may leave you wondering if they are worth buying. You may be wondering about the overall quality because the price is so low.

Amazon Basics AA batteries Amazon Basics AAA rechargeable batteries with charger

So the question stands: Are AmazonBasics batteries any good? Are they worth the purchase? We break down facts and customer reviews to answer this question. 


There is no denying that the price is right when it comes to Amazon Basics batteries. Their packs of batteries are as cheap as $10.99 and you can even find packs with up to 100 batteries in them. There is no argument here that the price point is very affordable. 

However, it does make you wonder how something can be so cost-friendly and not be flawed in some capacity. You cannot measure something’s worth on price alone, which is why we go on to analyze and review the battery’s other features below. 

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If you are looking for a variety of different battery types, Amazon Basics has you covered. Not only are there different varieties available, but they also carry a number of rechargeable batteries in the Amazon Basics lineup. Depending on the device and the battery type they require, it looks like the Amazon Basics brand has more than enough varieties to meet consumer needs. 

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Amazon Basics Single-Use Batteries

Amazon Basics AA Batteries

  • Amazon Basics 20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries – $9.25
  • Amazon Basics 48 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries – $15.36
  • AmazonBasics 100- Pack AA High- Performance All-Purpose Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics AAA Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 20 Pack AAA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries
  • AmazonBasics 36- Pack AAA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics 9 Volt Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 8-Pack 9 Volt Performance All-Purpose Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics 1.5 Volt Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 20-pack 1.5 Volt Performance Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics Coin Cell Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 4- Pack 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery

Amazon Basics C Cell Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 12- Pack C Cell All-Purpose Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries

AA Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 8- Pack AA High-Capacity 2,400 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

AAA Batteries

  • AmazonBasics 12-Pack AAA Performance 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Wall Charger and battery combo packages

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Battery Charger with 8 AA and 8 AAA High-Capacity NiMH Rechargeable Batteries – $38.12 – View on Amazon


When it comes to safety, customers’ reviews can testify to the reliability and overall safety of the AmazonBasics batteries. Though there have been some situations in regards to battery explosions, this very well could come down to a variety of different scenarios, such as product misuse or even overuse. 


AmazonBasics batteries are said to be able to last up to 10 years if unused. This makes them an excellent option if you are looking to stock up on batteries. For instance, if you need batteries to stock emergency kits, AmazonBasics are an excellent choice thanks to their amazing shelf life.

However, customer reviews do say that though the batteries appear to work well, their longevity when used seems to be an issue. Some state that these batteries do not last long in comparison to some of the more expensive battery brands that are out there on the market like Duracell.

It’s important to note that when being used, battery longevity will depend on many different variables, such as the type of device that is being charged. They will all vary in shelf life and their levels of capacity. To give a better sense of what an AmazonBasics battery life looks like, their 1.5 Volt Alkaline Battery is said to last up to 210 hours per battery. 


When looking at the overall quality of AmazonBasics batteries, this brand seems to be a worthy competitor when compared to some of the more expensive brands out there. Customer reviews yet again praise the AmazonBasics brand, stating that their batteries are very good quality for the price.

If customer reviews alone are not enough, one company has been said to have tested the Amazon Basic battery against a Duracell brand battery. Their findings showed that AmazonBasics has 88% of the capacity of Duracell, meaning that when it comes to power over time, there is very little difference between the two battery types.

Are Amazon Basics Batteries Good?

The AmazonBasics batteries are a good quality product at an affordable price. They are an excellent choice for powering everyday items around your home, like tv remotes, gaming controllers, computer mouses, and wireless keyboards. If you are powering heavy-duty equipment, you might want to steer clear of the AmazonBasics brand and stick to a higher-quality battery.

Although the AmazonBasics brand of batteries may not be the best choice when it comes to high-voltage devices that require a long-term charge, they are in fact an excellent option for small devices. Overall, the AmazonBasics brand appears to carry a good battery with a great shelf life at a low cost. They offer a wide range of sizes that are dependable for everyday devices.

AmazonBasics is definitely a contender in the battery world.

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