Antizer Flameless Candles Review

Candles are a perfect way to enhance the beauty and ambiance of any home, adding a warm and bright touch to shelves, tables, and countertops.

Flameless candles have recently been designed to look just like real candles, becoming the safest way to decorate your rooms. Additionally, if you are concerned about accidental fires, or pets or small children knocking over real candles, flameless candles can be one the smartest purchases you make. Furthermore, flameless candles are an excellent, sustainable option since you will never need to worry about the candle melting or the wick breaking.

With all these features, flameless candles are quickly increasing in popularity: Antizer Flameless Candles are the best option, due to their sizes, finishes, and styles. 

Antizer Flameless Candles Led Candles Pack of 9

  • Price: $28 
  • Color: Ivory 
  • Quantity:
  • Light: LED
  • Power: 2 AA Batteries per candle
  • Material: Wax 
  • Extra Features: Two Remote Controls

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Antizer flameless Candles flickering video

Antizer Flameless Candles are stand-out candles due to their true style nature; they look and feel just like real candles. In fact, it would be pretty difficult for a visitor to be able to tell they are fake or flameless candles without close inspection. Significantly, this is due to their various sizes, true wax finishes, beautiful flame styles, and sunken top designs. Furthermore, they come with a convenient remote control which allows you to turn the candles on and off, and change flame styles, from afar. 

Antizer candles ambience

These pillar candles come in a convenient pack of nine, which is perfect for those who like lots of lovely lights to create ambiance. They are in assorted sizes, made to look like all your candles are at various stages of burning: two 4” pillars, two 5” pillars, two 6” pillars, one 7” pillar, one 8” pillar, and one 9” pillar. All of these flameless candles have the same diameter, 2.2”, meaning you can create an elegant altar-style design if you so prefer. 

There are typically two types of flameless candle finishes, wax and non-wax. Antizer created these candles with wax, so that they have that velvety feel of a real wax candle. Pleasantly, with this type of finish, you also see the LED light reflect off of the sunken top in the way a real candle would. 

Antizer candle remote

Additionally, the remote control is incredibly convenient and allows for candle placement anywhere, even in hard to reach areas (it has a 16.4 foot range). You can also change flame styles, ranging from constant to flicker. The dimming option is truly remarkable, allowing you to create a personalized mood, while the timer option gives you the opportunity to pre-arrange when your lights will come on. 

Are Antizer Flameless Candles worth buying?

We absolutely recommend these candles to anyone looking for a flameless candle set. They appear just like real candles both in visual design and flickering flame; no one will be able to guess the secret that these are battery powered, LED candles. Unless, of course, you wish to show off the neat remote control performance options!

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