Lazy Reader Glasses Review

Lazy Reader Glasses are becoming a very popular product for people who regularly watch TV or read in bed. Lying in a horizontal position and looking at a screen or book can cause strain in your neck and shoulders while your head propped up on pillows. Lazy glasses are a simple solution to help you look forward while lying in a comfortable position.

What are lazy glasses?

Lazy glasses are special glasses that use mirrors to change your view to a 90-degree angle. They allow you to read a book, watch TV, or use your laptop while lying down without tilting your head.

Benefits of lazy reader glasses

  • Watch TV in bed without harming your neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Read a book on your lap while sitting without tilting your neck down
  • Use you phone in bed without holding the phone above your face. Avoid dropping your phone on your face.

How do lazy glasses work?

Lazy glasses use a configuration of mirrors in front of the lenses to reflect light off each other in a way that allows the wearer to view 90 degree downward from their natural direction. 

They work similar to a a periscope.

Are lazy glasses actually good?

Lazy glasses are a great gift idea for anyone that watches television in or a joke gift for someone who has a reputation for being lazy. But do they actually work well? 

Yes, lazy glasses actually work and provide a clear view at a 90 degree angle.

How much are lazy glasses?

Lazy Glasses are available on Amazon for $12.88

Get them on Amazon

Amazon also sells a 2-pack of Lazy reader glasses for just $15.98

Get the 2-pack on Amazon

Lazy Glasses

Lazy Reader Glasses

Price: $$12.88

Lazy reader glasses 2-pack

Lazy Reader Glasses 2-pack

Price: $15.98

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