Do you tip on Amazon Fresh deliveries?

When you dine out at a restaurant and you receive extraordinary service, you would most likely tip the server a generous amount. Most likely, you do this for two reasons:

  1. The waiter or waitress was friendly and brought your delicious food in a speedy manner.
  2. The knowledge that servers do not receive a livable wage and rely on tips to bolster their income.

In the same way, Amazon Fresh delivery drivers should be tipped a fair amount. Grocery delivery is a relatively new services, so it can be difficult to understand how much to tip and how to actually tip the driver through Amazon. Let’s dig deeper into those questions and get the answers!

How much should I tip on Amazon Fresh deliveries? 

Amazon Fresh deliveries should be tipped a similar amount to waiters or waitresses, since they work on hourly wages and they are delivering your groceries. The drivers need to pick up your order with care, deliver your order in a timely manner, and successfully carry your order to you. If you truly think about it, they are accomplishing a substantial amount of work in a little, and stressful, time-frame. 

On top of that, Amazon Fresh does not charge you a delivery fee or any hidden service fees. This will leave some extra change in your pocket for leaving a decent tip.

By default, Amazon will add a recommended tip amount of $5 or $7 depending on the size of your grocery order.

Amazon Fresh tip amount screenshot

The base amount for tips is between 15-20% of your order amount. In general, this would equate to a “the job was completed successfully and I was satisfied.” If you would like to tip between 25%-30%, this usually means the delivery driver went above and beyond with their service or customer service and that you were extremely pleased. 

Do Amazon Fresh delivery drivers receive the whole tip?

Sometimes, when tipping deliveries, we need to be concerned with how much of that tip is actually going to the delivery driver and how much is going back into the company. Luckily, with Amazon Fresh, 100% of the tip is going to the driver. 

How do I tip Amazon Fresh delivery drivers? 

After choosing all the groceries you would like on your Amazon Fresh portal, you will go to checkout to purchase and pay for your order. Once you are viewing your purchase details, look towards the bottom of the layout for a “Tip” label. It should have automatically put a standard 5$ amount, however, this can be changed. You can edit it before you complete your payment by lowering it, leaving it as is, or making it higher. You can also edit it up to 24 hrs afterwards if you made a mistake or would like to alter the amount you tipped.

Do Amazon Fresh delivery drivers know how much I tipped? 

Amazon Fresh delivery drivers cannot view individual tip amounts. They can only view their tip total at the end of their delivery day; this is never broken down by customer, they only see the accumulated amount of tips. 

I cannot see an area to tip my Amazon Fresh delivery. Why?

If you are using a gift card to pay for the total purchase amount for your Amazon Fresh order, you will not be able to tip your delivery driver. Gift cards can only be applied to items. That said, if you link a credit card to your Amazon account, you can add a tip through this payment means while still using your gift card for most or all of your actual order.

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