Do Champion Reverse Weave Sweatshirts Shrink?

If you are considering buying a Champion reverse weave sweatshirt or hoodie, you are probably wondering if it is going to shrink after you wash it a few times.

Shrinkage is an important consideration because it might cause you to order a size larger than what you normally wear.

Also, sweatshirts often become uncomfortable and unflattering when they start to shrink and bunch up around the waist. Nobody wants that! 

Most sweatshirts are built to last for 3-10 years. It would be a shame if you purchased a nice hoodie and it became unwearable within a few years.

This brings us to one of the best features of Champion’s reverse weave fabric.

Do Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies Shrink?

Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirts are constructed with a horizontal knitting technique which resists vertical shrinkage and increases durability.

horizontal knitting champion reverse weave

The fabric is 82% cotton and 18% polyester. Like most cotton and polyester fabric blends, you can expect some moderate shrinkage (about 3% to 4%).

However, the reverse weave knitting causes the sweatshirt to shrink in width instead of length.

Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt shrinking diagram

In this case, horizontal shrinking is a favorable attribute. The sweatshirts fit better and become more comfortable after every wash.

My Champion reverse weave hoodie started out with a boxy look but has a slightly slimmer and more customized look after years of wear and washing. The hoodie is super comfortable and looks better than ever.

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