Burst Electric Toothbrush Review: Is It Worth Buying?

An electric toothbrush has many advantages over a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums, and they can also help to whiten your teeth. Electric toothbrushes are also easier to use, and they can make brushing your teeth more enjoyable.

And when it comes to electric toothbrushes, then how can we ignore Burst’s sonic Toothbrush? The burst sonic toothbrush gives you a clean and refreshing feeling and is gentle on your gum. Let’s have a detailed look at each aspect related to it.

Quick review:

I have owned the Burst Sonic Toothbrush for two years and am very happy with the product. It does an excellent job cleaning my teeth, has a long-lasting battery life, and it looks very sleek on my bathroom countertop.

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Subscription process

Burst offers a very simple subscription setup process.

Buying a color brush online is the same as buying any other product.

When you check out, you agree to the replacement brush head subscription plan.

Rather than the toothbrush itself, you are subscribing to brush heads.

The replacement brush head is then shipped to your door every 3 months and charged to your credit card.

The replacement head subscription plan defaults to 3 months, but you can adjust it to 1, 2 or 3 months within your account.

The annual cost increases as the frequency increases.

In the time of review, the following prices are in effect:

  • $69.99 for a black brush handle
  • $69.99 for a white handle
  • $99 for rose gold handle
  • $6 for a black brush head
  • $6 for a white brush head
  • $7 for rose gold brush head

Consequently, the toothbrush costs one time (which includes a brush head), and the replacement brush head costs three times that same year. Subscriptions can be amended or canceled at any time. It is managed online via an account you get.

You would have to pay $87.99 in year 1 if you choose a black or white brush handle ($69.99 + $6 + $6 + $6). By year two, the cost would be just $24.

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Toothbrushes with different variations

Burst offers only one sonic electric toothbrush. While the brush comes in three colors, black, white, and rose gold, it is only available in one size. There is no difference between the black and white color options, nor between what comes in the box. There is only one difference between the two brushes: the color of the handle and the brush head. There is no difference in functionality between the rose gold and standard models, but the rose gold model comes with a travel case. The brush is expensive to begin with as well as the replacement heads.

What’s in the box?

Burst toothbrush charcoal black bristle

Sonic Burst toothbrush  (one)

Brush head (one)

Charger stand with USB port  (one)

US power brick with USB port, 2 pins (one)


Key Features

Rechargeable battery (built-in)

The three cleaning modes are (Whitening, Sensitive, and Massage)

Quadpacer timer with clean design

Automatic power off

Four-week battery life

Pro & Cons

This Burst sonic toothbrush has the following advantages and disadvantages, according to me.

The Positives

Regular replacement brush head delivery with a subscription service that’s easy to set up and manage.

A built-in timer and pacer help to encourage even brushing.

Upon completion of a cleaning cycle, the brush automatically shuts off.

The battery lasts for more than four weeks on a single charge.

The USB charging stand is a convenient way to charge your phone.

Whether you’re not happy or unsure whether this is right for you, you can get your money back within 90 days.

Any faulty brush will be replaced for as long as you remain subscribed. Even if you cancel your subscription, you will still receive two years of service.

Resulted in 10x more plaque removal than a manual brush after 15 days and a 3x reduction in bleeding gums.

The Negatives

Compared to proven clinical benefits, charcoal bristles have limited benefits and feel like they are used to be ‘on trend’ rather than effective. It is also important to consider quality.

Subscription – This model is not for everyone. Buying without a subscription is a bit of a hassle.

Cleanliness, usability, and general use

You receive Burst in a brown cardboard box emblazoned with the Burst logo. Within, you’ll find a neatly arranged brush and accessories.

Upon receiving the product, I like the fact that the box is recyclable and that there is very little plastic to discard.

Rather than the packaging, more effort should have been put into the brush and how it performs.

I have the black color handle, which is available in three different colors.

All the accessories match, which is nice to see.

In some competition, the brush handle may be black, but the accessories may be white. Consistency is good to see. 

Design-wise, the brush is pretty conventional, there is nothing revolutionary about it.

In hand, it feels comfortable because it is tall and relatively slim.

There are a number of Oral-B brushes, including Oral-B brushes with rubber strips on their fronts and raised plastic ridges on their backs, while Sonicare brushes typically have a smooth-touch plastic finish, but no matter what the coating is, it provides just enough resistance to keep the brush in your hands.

Burst has a similar sonic brush, but the lower half of the handle has a diamond shaped texture that creates ridges that make it easy to hold, even when wet. As well as looking classy, it is quite functional.

It looks pretty minimalistic in both black and white without a lot of parts that scream “Look at me!”.

Buttons, controls, and other noteworthy features are absent from the back and sides.

A circular power button can be found on the upper half of the handle. The black button, however, is almost lost among the black body. On the button, you can only see the smiley face under certain lighting conditions.

The button is well-resisted. A good balance between firmness and softness. The handle has four more icons below the power button.

The built-in cleaning modes are represented by three of these icons. This mode is indicated by a white light.

There is no clear reason why icons are used. There is no immediate indication of what each is. It would be enough to have the mode’s name, like Sonicare does.

Lastly, a red + sign indicates that the brush is being charged. The battery indicator looks like this.

With just one hour of charging, the battery will last for four weeks.

In addition, if the remaining battery power is below 20%, this icon will flash red for a few seconds.

There is a recess on the handle’s base into which the charging stand protuberance fits. By using the built-in battery, the inductive charge is delivered. For electric toothbrushes, this is the most common setup.

This is where it feels cheapest on the brush. All the electronics inside are sealed by a glossy black panel that is part of the base. Compared to the rest of the handle, it looks and feels a little less durable.

The brush handle contains all the electronics. This toothbrush is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

When in the bath, your toothbrush can handle splashes of water and rinsing under the tap or shower.

There is a metal shaft attached to the brush handle. It connects the brush head to the motor inside the handle.

Battery life

A rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery powers the Burst sonic toothbrush.

With a 700mAh capacity, you will get 4 weeks of usage between charges.

Based on 2 cleaning sessions per day lasting 2 minutes each, this is equivalent to 112 minutes of running time or 28 days of usage.

According to my own testing, the claimed battery life is accurate, I even managed to get another couple of days out of it, which is always a plus.

Batteries cannot be removed by the user.

It can be recharged by sitting it on the charging stand provided.

The charging stand consists of two parts.

A USB cable is hardwired into the base, on which the brush sits.

Protrusions on the base of the brush handle fit into a recess in the base of the brush handle. There are also four foam feet on the bottom to keep it stable on a flat surface.

Second, there is the cap that completes the stand. Burst brushes can be secured in this frame, which sits over the base.

Printed on the front of the charging stand is the word Burst, which increases its stability and improves its aesthetics.

Price & where to buy

You can order Burst’s sonic toothbrush from www.burstoralcare.com

Currently, the toothbrush is not available at stores or through other online retailers.

As a result, prices tend not to fluctuate very often since competition isn’t as fierce. If you choose a white or black toothbrush, you will pay $69.99.

You will receive a charging stand, a brush head, a wall plug, and associated documentation for this one-time fee.

There is a $6 charge for replacement brush heads.

By completing the checkout process, you’ll be subscribed to Burst and receive a new brush head every three months.

Anytime you want, you can cancel.

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