Best Microwaveable Neck Wraps

If you find yourself with frequent neck pain, you aren’t alone. Millions of people suffer similar ailments from hunching over their computers and phones, picking up heavy objects with bad posture, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, and dealing with injuries.

It can be difficult to deal with this kind of debilitating pain, so you might be looking for remedies that work. One natural and proven method of relieving pain and inflammation is applying heat and pressure. Heated neck wrap products provide both heat and pressure, allowing for pain relief directly on the pain source and the surrounding areas

Best Microwaveable Neck Wraps

Whispering Willow Lavender Neck Wrap

whispering willow lavender neck wrap

A heated neck wrap can be a part of a deep and luxurious relaxation routine with the Lavender Neck Wrap. The cotton flannel exterior is soft and gentle on your skin while the organic flax seeds and organic lavender infusions further decrease your stress and tension.

It also comes in a variety of pleasing colors: tranquil gray, deep blue, cool mint, and serene blue. Additionally, you can use this wrap as a cold compress if you need to! Just put it in your freezer for about 30 minutes.

The Whispering Willow Lavender Neck Wrap is the perfect weight and it hangs comfortably around your neck and shoulders.

Get it for $36.00:

Huggaroo Original Neck Wrap

Huggaroo neck wrap

Designed to be super soft and breathable, the Huggroo neck wrap is made with 100% polyester ultra-plush fabric. The material is gentle and plush against your skin while you experience intense pain and tension relief. It is filled with clay beads and flaxseeds that hold heat well, while the lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass provide relaxing scents. It doubles as a cold compress if you prefer to experience cold therapy. 

Get it for $35.99:

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Heating Pad

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Heating Pad

Created with 100% natural ingredients, this affordable heated neck wrap uses grains that moisten as they are heated up. This allows you to receive a unique moist heat rather than a dry heat that fully soothes your sore neck and shoulders. You can also choose your aromatherapy infusions: lavender and rose, lavender and mint, or lavender and chamomile. The combinations provide calming benefits and help you relax the tense areas in your neck and shoulders. You can use this as a cold therapy pad as well. 

Get it for $14.99:

SuzziPad Microwave Heating Pad

SuzziPad Microwave Heating Pad

This microwaveable neck wrap contains flaxseed, millet, and clay beads which heat up quickly and retain heat well. They also conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders.

The exterior is made of two different materials. One side is ultra-soft and cozy fleece fabric. The other side is a smooth and soft velvet. This is an excellent addition because you can choose the fabric which feels better on your skin. Additionally, it comes in a lovely lavender purple while most other heat wraps are in neutral colors. 

Get it for $26.99:

Carex Bed Buddy Heat Pad

Carex Bed Buddy Heat Pad

If you often find other parts of your body are sore, such as your knees, feet, or lower back, this microwavable wrap can also provide heated pain relief for those areas. It has a flexible core and nylon rope handles that allow you to tighten the wrap around smaller body parts such as your leg.

It is also filled with 100% organic grains. You can choose to infuse the wrap with aromatherapy. The wrap itself provides a moist heat that is perfect for sore joints and muscles. 

Get it for $16.99:

Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap

Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap

This microwavable neck wrap is made with luxe satin fabric and is made with organic flax seeds. It is filled with a special calming 12 herb blend including chamomile, spearmint, rosemary, and lavender. As some customers stated, this is a strongly scented heat wrap allowing for deep relaxation and long-term use.

If you enjoy floral and herbal scents, this will be perfect for you. It is a high-quality wrap that will make you feel as though you are in a spa. It even comes with a complimentary matching sleep mask. 

Get it for $24.95:

What are the benefits of heated neck pads?

Heated neck pads can provide numerous advantages for anyone suffering from neck pain, pressure, stress, or injury. Applying heat properly and regularly can:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to the affected areas
  • Reduce build-up of lactic acid in the muscles 
  • Decrease inflammation or swelling 
  • Promote sweating of any painful toxins at a skin-level
  • Relax tense muscles 
  • Decrease stress

Do heat pads help neck pain?

Microwavable neck wraps work by applying varying levels of heat. This causes blood circulation to increase which allows oxygen to flow quickly and freely to the area. Furthermore, any buildup of lactic acid in your muscles can help reduce any muscle pain, cramps, or fatigue that you feel in the neck, upper back, or shoulders. 

The most common neck wraps are fabric encasements filled with grains or beads, which can then be heated in a microwave. After it is heated in the microwave, it can be used for up to twenty minutes around the neck.

Also, most popular neck wraps also include herbs, flowers, or essential oils within the wrap in order to induce healing or relaxing scent mixtures.

How long do you heat neck wraps in the microwave? 

Heated neck pads should only be left in the microwave for up to 90 seconds, and then heated in additional increments of 30 seconds until it is at your ideal temperature. Some product models will have different instructions due to the material. For instance, some require you to spray them with water before heating them up and some recommend you put a bowl of water in the microwave with the wrap.

It is important to make sure the heated neck wrap is not hot enough to burn your skin. You can place a barrier between your skin and the wrap such as a light cloth. 

How long should you use a heating pad on your neck? 

A microwaveable heat wrap should be used on your neck for up to twenty minutes. Although the heat fades gradually over this period of time, some people find five minutes is enough time to relieve pain. 

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