American Giant Hoodie Review

American Giant is an American-made clothing and outerwear brand that claims to have the “greatest hoodie ever made”.

The statement is literally painted on the window of their retail store in large red letters.

American giant store window with hoodie quote

There are also a lot of people on Reddit and other discussion boards who constantly talk about how amazing the hoodie is.

I had to try the American Giant hoodie for myself to see how great it really is. I also compared it with 37 of the best hoodies on the market to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Here is my honest review of the American Giant Classic Pullover Hoodie.

American Giant Classic Pullover Hoodie

American Giant hoodie photo front
american giant hoodie back view

Quick Overview

Overall, the American Giant hoodie is a very well-made and warm hoodie. The fabric feels durable and the stitching is strong.

This is an excellent sweatshirt to wear if you work outside in the fall or winter. It will keep you warm and withstand heavy wear and tear for many years.

I wouldn’t say this is the greatest hoodie ever though. There were a few things I didn’t like about the fit and the style.

I usually wear a size large hoodie because I like them a little oversized. My true size is between medium and large.

I ordered this hoodie in size large and it was much larger than I expected. I recommend sizing down if you decide to purchase it.

Also, it was baggy around the arms and shoulders. It seems like it was designed for people with more of an athletic build so keep that in mind while you are shopping for a new hoodie.

The deal breaker for me was the ribbed elastic waistband. The hoodie is very long and the waistband is thick and tight to my waist. I found this annoying and uncomfortable because it caused the waistband to ride up while I walked.

Are American Giant hoodies good?

Yes, American Giant Hoodies are high-quality sweatshirts for working outdoors in colder weather. They are made in the United States with premium materials and craftsmanship. The classic pullover hoodie is a good fit for people with an athletic build.

Is it comfortable?

The fabric is a warm and comfortable fleece, but I found the overall fit and ribbed waistband to be uncomfortable. I recommend you try it on yourself though. This could just be because the hoodie wasn’t made for my body type.

What materials are in the fabric?

100% Cotton

Fabric and Texture

The outside fabric is a durable and tight-woven cotton weave.

The inside is a warm, fleeced cotton texture.

american giant hoodie fabric

How warm is it?

This is a heavyweight hoodie for cool or cold weather.

I would give it a warmth rating of 8 out of 10.

Are American Giant hoodies true to size?

The hoodie fits larger than its true size. It is baggy in the arms and the torso is long.

I am 5’10” at 165 pounds and the photo below shows me wearing a large.

If I order this hoodie again I would choose a medium or maybe even a small.

I recommend shoppers size down when ordering.

How does it fit?

The American Giant Hoodie fits loose around the arms and shoulders but it is tight around the waist and wrists. It seems like it is designed to fit people with a very muscular and athletic build.

american giant hoodie front view with hood on
american giant hoodie side view with hood on

Color Options

It is available in two colors: black and blue.

There are also usually a couple of seasonal colors available.


The American Giant Classic Hoodie is available on the American Giant website for $128.00. Check the price here.

Are American Giant hoodies worth the money?

Buying a nice hoodie that will last a long time is usually worth the money. If you like the style and fit of American Giant Hoodies, they are absolutely worth it.

Personally, I would recommend the Carhartt Rain Defender Hoodie over American Giant. It is less than half the price and very similar quality. 

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